Sunday, December 7, 2008

Jim Rogers

I'm a big fan of Jim Rogers. He's the former hedge fund manager of the Quantum Fund and author of Hot Commodities, A Bull in China, Adventure Capitalist and Investment Biker. The first two of these books are good starting points for those looking to invest in commodities and China while the later two focus on his personal travel stories.

While I enjoy his writings, Jim Rogers is at his best in spoken form. Here is a sampling of his better moments in recent history.

Rogers talks about the pending demise of the US Dollar:

Why would anyone listen to Bernanke?

Mike Schneider interviews Jim Rogers (part 1 of 5):

Jim Rogers on CNBC's Power Lunch:


dannager said...

Jim Rogers says he isn't a market timer and he sure hasnt been one this year. He has been wrong about China and wrong about commodities. Maybe he will be right in the long run we will see.