Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Financial Blog Roll Call

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I have been concentrating my energies on taking advantage of the perfect trading opportunities that have been presenting themselves lately. Without a doubt this is a trader's market. If the United States had a sane economic policy then building a portfolio of assets to hold long term would make sense. With our insane economic policies, however, it only makes sense to trade this market. Someday the Benjamin Graham playbook will have to be dusted off again but for now you might as well throw fundamental analysis out the window.

OK, on to the topic of this post. I wanted to take a few minutes to summarize some of my favorite financial websites. The mainstream news sources have their place but without a doubt if you ignore the financial blogging community you will miss out on the most important economic insights. If you have other sites that are worth checking out, post them in the comments section.

The Big Picture - Barry Ritholtz is a one of a kind market commentator. He is not afraid to get down and dirty in calling out the financial fraudsters. His upcoming book, Bailout Nation, was allegedly shelved by McGraw-Hill because of the shots that Mr. Ritholtz took at Standard & Poor's, which is owned by McGraw-Hill. Hopefully he is able to find a new publisher soon.

Calculated Risk - Probably the best general economic blog on the internet. CR has by far the best housing market charts, which they update when the new numbers come in. CR also has an incredibly active user comments community, though sometimes there are so many posts that one cannot possibly keep up!

Jim Sinclair's MineSet - Only gold bugs need apply. MineSet is the blog of Jim Sinclair, the owner of the Tanzanian Royalty Company, and well known gold market commentator. Conspiracy theories abound but there is the occasional news item posted that I somehow missed.

Market Ticker - Saying that Karl Denninger has a unique perspective is an understatement. His commentary is brash, angry, demanding, prone to rambling and often spot on. He can suffer from a case of assuming that everyone knows exactly everything that he does, however, and so he miscalculates the human side of his analysis. Beware the message board - it is mostly a crowd of ditto heads.

Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis - The worst named financial blog of all time is also one of the best. Mish is basically a less manic version of Karl Denninger. His writing style can grow tiring but his market analysis is quite good. I do, however, take exception with the way he attacked Peter Schiff in a recent posting.

Nathan's Economic Edge - Economic Edge is one of the more recent blogs I was lucky to stumble upon. Nathan provides excellent daily technical analysis of the markets. In the short time I have been following him he has been spot on.

RGE Monitor - The blog of Nouriel Roubini, the prominant economics professor at NYU School of Business, is definitely worth a look during these tough economic times. Roubini forcasted much of the economic crisis years in advance and has been spot on throughout.

Soot and Ashes - This is the offshoot of the now defunct Housing Panic, the best housing crash blog around. Housing Panic was started in 2005 because the author, Keith, was certain that housing was ready for an epic collapse. Boy was he right. His new site still discusses the housing market but also dabbles in the general economy and politics.