Sunday, April 19, 2009

Janeane Garofalo on the Tea Parties

Every once in a while someone says something so irresponsible, unjustified, ignorant and mean spirited that you just have to sit back in amazement. I present to you Janeane Garofalo on the Keith Olbermann show:

Garofalo refers to anyone who attended one of Tea Party rallies on April 15th as the following:

Neurologically Disordered
Anti Intellectual

It is amazing how thousands of people meeting up in hundreds of locations across the country are all exactly alike. Did it ever occur to Olbermann and Garofalo that these rallies consisted of all sorts of people with all sorts of differing viewpoints? It is unfortunate that because radical Republicans and the Fox News channel decided to latch onto this movement at the last minute, all those who attended were immediately painted with the same brush.

Olbermann and Garofalo jump to the conclusion that one speaker at a tea party rally making pro-Democratic remarks and getting some boos shows that these right-wing Republicans were duped at their own rally. The proper conclusion to draw is that if an Obama supporter spoke at a rally, maybe these rallies were not entirely made up of ultra right wing Republicans.

Here is a video of REPUBLICAN Congressman Gresham Barrett getting booed at the Greenville, South Carolina tea party rally. Mr. Barrett was apparently booed because he voted for the TARP bill:

The worst part of Ms. Garofalo's comments is the accusation of racism. If you are a media outlet you have a certain level of responsiblity to uphold. When you allow a person to fling around an accusation of racism with no thought whatsoever and you do nothing to stop it, you are completely irresponsible. Calling an individual or a group of people racist is a very serious thing to do these days. Ms. Garofalo's comments come backed up with absolutely no evidence making her cowardly and a bully. Mr. Olbermann should be ashamed of himself for not only letting her off the hook but actively encouraging her.

This is not a political blog and I have no interest in starting political bicker fests with readers. I posted this because it is the perfect example as to why I do not get my news from MSNBC, CNN or FOX News and neither should you. This level of discourse is childlike and revolting.


Tyrone said...

Jane(ane), you ignorant...

Completely disconnected from reality.