Sunday, August 16, 2009

Daily Show Responds to Glenn Beck on Health Care

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Last Wednesday, we posted a clip of Glenn Beck talking about health care. We posted that clip not because we necessarily thought Beck was an authority on the issue - we have not followed all of Beck's health care related views so we cannot speak about everything he has said on the subject. We simply found the particular segment in question to be very well done.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, however, did a little research and did their own segment on the evolution of Glenn Beck's health care views over time (see the above embedded video). Basically, Beck complained about the existing health care system while working for CNN Headline News a year ago but having since moved to Fox News, he seems to be its biggest defender.

Nice job Daily Show. I am continually amazed how the Daily Show is a better pundit watchdog than the "real" media on a regular basis. The best example of this is the now famous confrontation with Jim Cramer. One reason that CNN, MSNBC and Fox News probably do not do segments like that shown above is that they would soon be attacked by the other networks for using the same dishonest means and be labeled as hypocrites.
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